We are one of the renown backwater homestay in alleppey,  kerala. At Breeze Homes we welcome you to experience Traditional Kerala Architecture with pure fragrance of tradition. Situated amidst scenic Backwater Landscapes, guests can relax and be on in one with nature. Experience traditional wooden ceilings, wonders of yoga and ayurvedic massage and scent of the real kerala.

Nurtured in natures lap, Our scenarios are designed with our guests in mind that human mitigations find absolute resorts here. Like colors which are eye’s icon, and fragrance are that of nostrils, your presence in this ambiance can make yourself exposed to an elite catastrophic adobe of the globe

It will be explicitly true to say that the facilities that we can offer here are replete with all sorts of conforts and serenity. if God can be known by the name perfection then, it will be proud to say that for those who are in search of lands with impectuous beauty, we are perfectus.


The southern tip of india where nature is toned by the bliss of western ghats, retreats you as an exclusive stop-over of your summer perigrinations. Limitless traditions indulged with ample sophistications makes kerala appealing as a land of tranquil leisures.

Adeptic words will obviously be incomplete to depict how applaudable will nature’s beauty over here, welcoming you.We offer a fleet of splendid services that make all your comforts at your beck and call.For those who expect a satiable homestay with luxurious milieu, can have us as one among the best option.

Here the true elegence of hospitality is elicit in all.Come and let us courteously relish into you the greatest joys that you can cherish in your mind as a good part of life.Experiance a cosy diversion from all sorts workloads and have a gup-shup with nature.